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Why Loius Riddick ‘wouldn’t bet against’ 49ers QB Trey Lance having an MVP-like season

Darren Yamashita – USA TODAY Sports

Loius Riddick has high expectations for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance. The ESPN analyst has been high on the former North Dakota State star for some time now, saying ahead of last year’s draft that he expects Lance to have a ” legendary All-Pro career.” Riddick also viewed the 49ers as a good fit for the young quarterback.

A year later, as Lance heads into his first NFL season as a starter with these Niners, nothing has changed. Riddick would put his money on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to win MVP in the coming season. However, he can understand why more money was bet on Lance to win the annual honor than Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers combined.

“I loved Trey Lance,” Riddick said on ESPN. “I had a chance to go out there at his pro day at North Dakota State and meet him, talk to him, watch him pitch. I thought, going out in the draft he years ago that the Atlanta offense, led by Arthur Smith, or this offense he’s in now, led by Kyle Shanahan, were the two best choices for this young man due to the fact that it looks exactly like to what he ran in the state of North Dakota.

“If he can clean up his decision-making and his accuracy, the kind of things that Kyle would be able to do to get people to open up with the use of the play-action pass…he’s going to be the best quarterback- dual threat guard in the NFL He will be because he is 6-4, 220 pounds, and he can throw the ball a mile, and he can throw it accurately, and he can make all the throws you need, especially in the context of an offense he knows about.”

How soon will Lance be able to meet Riddick’s expectations? After all, the 49ers quarterback started just two games in his rookie season, threw just 71 pass attempts and had limited college experience.

“Well, Patrick Mahomes did that in his first full year as a starter,” Riddick replied. “I think Trey Lance can do the same kind of thing. When Patrick got out of Texas Tech, remember, people didn’t think Patrick was going to be Patrick. Nobody right now really thinks Trey Lance is going to be the Trey Lance, this could be MVP worthy.

“I wouldn’t bet against it, especially with this coaching staff and this system and how well he knows it based on the kind of stuff he’s done at North Dakota State. I wouldn’t bet against it. that. Although I’m not putting my money into it.”

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