Which MMA Events To Bet On – A Guide For Beginners

Mixed martial arts has become one of the greatest sports in the world. While boxing remains the go-to combat sport for the majority of people, MMA has the potential to surpass it in the future. That said, what are the biggest MMA events you can bet on?

How to bet on MMA: Which are the best organizations?

In the world of mixed martial arts, there is a rigid hierarchy in terms of the level of promotions. The undisputed leader is the UFC. We recommend betting on fights in this league as it has transparent refereeing and many good fighters that you can read before the fight and get a rough picture of the fight. Additionally, you can watch any athlete’s previous fights to gauge their skill level.

The “second tier” promotions lag behind – Bellator, PFL, LFA, Invicta FC and others. Bellator also has some good fighters, and given that matchmakers pick up athletes fired from the UFC, there should be no analysis issues. Of course, in such leagues there are a lot of no-names and guys with records of 1-0, 2-0, 1-2, but no one is forcing you to bet on such fighters.

PFL, LFA and Invicta FC are the unspoken farm leagues of the UFC. Champions and top fighters from these organizations regularly move into the Dana White promotion. Here you will also find bright young fighters (prospects) to bet on. Also, when these fighters make it to the UFC, the bettor will already have an idea and won’t need to spend more time studying the newbies. Also, these promotions are united by a more or less objective and transparent arbitration.

The rest of the promotions are downright third-rate. They are distinguished by the generally low level of athletes, the incompetent work of judges or referees, etc.

MMA events to bet on: Ultimate Fighting Championship

There can be no comparison between the UFC and all other MMA organizations – the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a multi-billion dollar business with millions and millions of fans around the world. It is home to all of the biggest MMA stars in the world and is the organization that hosts the most events per year with Fight Nights almost every Saturday.

The easiest reason to bet on UFC MMA events is the fact that you’ll find them at most bookmakers these days. While some platforms may also have Bellator or other MMA events, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is available everywhere.

Then, as the largest organization, it’s the easiest to understand. Every organization has different rules and the UFC rules are simple and straightforward. Additionally, there is an abundance of information on every fighter on the roster, whether they are a star or a newcomer.

This is essential for MMA betting as it is a sport that requires additional analysis. There are countless intricacies that go along with MMA betting and proper coverage is essential. When it comes to the UFC, you have countless websites that provide stats, analysis, and all kinds of information.

Last but not least, betting on the UFC is more diverse than betting on smaller leagues. In most cases, you will see two main markets for MMA – Moneyline and Total Rounds. For UFC, bookmakers often add additional options like win method, number of rounds, win in specific round, win method in specific round, etc. It is easier or at least more fun to bet on MMA events that have better markets.

MMA events to bet on: Bellator

If you’ve been following the MMA world for a while, you’ll know that Bellator is currently the second largest organization. There are actually a lot of fans who prefer Bellator events over the UFC and there are more than enough reasons why.

For starters, if you are a UFC fan, you will know that many UFC fighters transferred from Bellator. Some have succeeded, others have not. But more importantly, it’s not a one-way process — many UFC veterans are also signing contracts with Bellator. So, if you’re new to Bellator betting, you’re sure to find some well-known names from the past on the Bellator leaderboard.

In the UFC, there is often a huge difference between Top 10 ranked fighters and the smaller names in the division. It is often easy to predict the outcome of fights and that is why people like to bet on the UFC. In Bellator, the splits are much more equipollent, meaning there isn’t such a big gap in skill and class between fighters. That’s a good reason many people prefer to watch Bellator events – the fights are often more exciting than your typical UFC bout.

The main problem with betting on Bellator is that events are available at fewer bookmakers than UFC. Overall, most of the bigger bookmakers will have UFC on a weekly basis, but when it comes to Bellator, you’ll need to create an account on smaller platforms. Some good suggestions are Betway Sports and 20Bet, which cover Bellator events.

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How to Bet on MMA: Fighter Selection, Analysis, and More

When learning to bet on MMA, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different styles can help bettors gain an edge over the bookmaker. Other factors to consider when betting on MMA are a fighter’s win and loss rates and his ranking status. As MMA continues to grow as a sport, statistical research remains a powerful betting tool.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics of MMA betting, you can analyze more detailed statistics to find value in odds such as takedown accuracy or defense. They are listed on the official UFC website or reputable MMA sites.

Combat camp and preparation

Mixed martial artists can often be observed while training or fighting, and there will always be constant news and analysis on how they prepare for a particular fight. This is valuable information that players can benefit from when learning how to bet on MMA.

When analyzing the training of fighters, the status of their training partners must be taken into account. For example, they can train with high quality sparring partners or even with top athletes from another discipline (like wrestling or judo).

In addition to the training partners, of course, the class of trainers must also be taken into account. Some of them, like John Kavanagh, are known for professionalizing their fighters; others, like Ronda Rousey’s trainer Edmond Tarverdyan, were criticized for limiting their fighters’ abilities.

Importance of weight and injuries

MMA bettors will need to consider the weight of the fighter before the fight and what that means for the upcoming fight. For example, a naturally heavier fighter may struggle to gain a quick advantage. How will this affect his work in the octagon?

A good example is Conor McGregor. While his talent and ability meant he rarely ran into trouble at the lower weight classes, when he first faced Nate Diaz the reverse happened. McGregor went from 145lbs to 170lbs for this fight. Diaz, however, weighed in at 169 pounds before dropping back to his natural weight between the weigh-in and the fight. This gave him a huge advantage.

Fighters can claim to be 100% healthy, but often hide their injuries so they don’t expose them to their opponents. Naturally, this hides information from bettors. Therefore, when researching a fighter’s pre-game preparation, it’s always a good idea to look for potential injuries, even if they’re supposed to be non-existent.

fighting styles

There’s a lot to learn about different fighting styles and which ones are advantageous over others. There is, however, one simple fact. Wrestlers have dominated the UFC for a while now. If you take a closer look at the top fighters in most divisions, you’ll see that most of them have a background in wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu.

This doesn’t mean that a boxer or kickboxer can’t defeat a wrestler, it just means that being a strong wrestler gives you some edge.

But overall, here are some simple tips for beginners. When analyzing a fight, be sure to dig deep into the history of both fighters. You can open Wikipedia and see a fighter is a wrestler, but that refers to what he did best early in his career. Over the years, the fighters evolve and often change their style. So a basic source like Wikipedia is not enough.

You should also consider some simple factors during your analysis. Imagine you have a great wrestler against a great boxer. The wrestler will go for submissions early on while the boxer will try to keep the fight on its feet. Which has a better chance of winning?

To get an answer, you need to look for additional stats like takedown defense. If the boxer is a terrible wrestler, then the other fighter will have a higher chance of winning the fight because a single takedown can lead to a quick end.

However, if the boxer has a good takedown defense and hasn’t been taken down often in previous fights, that would mean the wrestler will struggle.

Our recommendation is to seek professional analysis instead of doing it yourself. There are countless MMA websites that provide such services along with predictions for actual results. This will save you time and effort, but remember that the final decision on your bets should be yours. All in all, there is a lot to learn about how to bet on MMA, but since it has become a massive sport, it is not difficult to obtain knowledge and information.