Walker Buehler’s Fastball Fix makes him Cy Young’s best bet on the board

Walker Buehler has once again established himself as one of Major League Baseball’s top pitchers. He has a 2.89 ERA in his first eight starts this season, despite struggling with his fastball.

There are signs that he is solving these issues, and if he does, you should consider betting on him to win his first Cy Young award immediately.

Let’s take a look at the last 10 top pitchers on the NL Cy Young odds list, courtesy of WynnBET Sportsbook.

Buehler has had success this season, despite not having an effective fastball. Batters are batting .365 when he throws his fastball, so he’s had to rely on his other pitches to hit his starts this season.

With that in mind, it’s even more impressive that he was able to sport such impressive numbers despite not having an effective fastball. It makes you think that if he can figure out his fastball, he could emerge as the favorite to win the prize.

Good news for Dodgers fans and Buehler bettors, it looks like he’s starting to dial in.

If you’re going to bet Buehler to win the Cy Young, do it now before he dials in his fastball. The value won’t be there for much longer.

His 2022 ERA is only 0.42 lower than last year when he finished fourth in NL Cy Young voting. It currently sports an identical FIP of 3.16.

His next scheduled start is Tuesday against the Washington Nationals.

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