Toyota, Air Liquide and CaetanoBus are betting on the development of hydrogen mobility in Europe

CaetanoBus and Toyota Motor Europe and Air Liquide recently signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the development of integrated hydrogen solutions. The agreement will include the development of infrastructure and vehicle fleets that will accelerate the expansion of hydrogen mobility for light and heavy vehicles.

This collaboration responds to companies’ desire to help decarbonize the transport industry and accelerate the development of local hydrogen ecosystems for multiple mobility applications.

Focusing initially on buses, light commercial vehicles and cars, the three companies will draw on their complementary expertise to address the entire hydrogen mobility value chain, from production infrastructure, renewable or carbon-free hydrogen distribution and refueling, deployment in different vehicle segments. Another acceleration target from the heavyweight segment will follow.

The collaboration between the three companies would offer a series of opportunities in Europe, including the emergence of new hydrogen ecosystems across the continent, a key step to stimulate demand and facilitate access to hydrogen for other applications of mobility. This would include infrastructure and service stations, as well as integrated vehicle offerings (hire and service) to customers such as taxi companies, fleet operators, local authorities, etc.

The integration of different applications and projects within a hydrogen ecosystem, where supply and demand meet, aims to create a virtuous circle allowing the whole hydrogen infrastructure to gain in maturity.