Stacey Abrams’ bet on abortion and guns

In her race to defeat incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams is betting on a bet that abortion rights and gun regulations will motivate voters to send her to the Georgia governor’s mansion.

Driving the news: Just last week, the cancellation of Atlanta’s Music Midtown festival and an abortion-rights election victory in Kansas with high Democratic turnout (which Abrams hopes to replicate) galvanized her on the two questions.

Why is this important: This year, Abrams faces political headwinds related to inflation and President Biden’s low approval ratings.

State of play: Abrams just came out another attack announcement targeting Kemp on his abortion stance. He joins two others in his multimillion-dollar statewide ad buying rotation, which has so far only focused on gun control and right to abortion.

Enlarge: In a thursday memo Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo argued the Kansas results bode well for Democrats in Georgia. She pointed to a surge in Kansas Democratic turnout in an otherwise sleepy primary, as well as about 17% of Republican voters there who voted for abortion access.

  • “Georgia is definitely more democratic and progressive than Kansas,” she wrote.

The other side: Kemp’s campaign spokesman Tate Mitchell said in a statement that while Abrams is campaigning on a platform “that will only divide Georgians and hit their wallets, Governor Kemp will remain focused on helping to Georgians to fight 40-year high inflation and the recession caused by the Biden-Abrams Program.”

Yes and: Abrams also looked into gun regulations after learning that an issue involving event organizers and Georgia’s gun laws forced the cancellation of Music Midtown.

The big picture: Abrams insisted that these two social problems are also economic problems. After Music Midtown Abrams News introduced him as: Kemp “cares more about protecting dangerous people carrying guns in public than about saving jobs and keeping business in Georgia.”

The plot: In addition to Abrams’ argument, the nation’s chorus of Democratic governors, including North Carolina and from nevada soliciting Music Midtown to settle there.

  • California Governor Gavin Newsom Free to extend tax credits to film and television productions that “get into the Golden State” to evade states like Georgia’s anti-abortion policies.