Shaq refunded a bet from a fan interaction that happened 8 years ago

I think Shaq might be the nicest person in this world. All I hear is that he does the nicest things for people off camera, on camera, whatever, that’s how he is. I’m friends with his son Myles who tells me the craziest stories about what he does for complete strangers and here I come across this video.

This girl and her brothers staked out Shaqs hotel a while ago to get an autograph and he remembers that exact moment when he made a bet with this little girl and knew he would see her today and had the exact amount of money. It wasn’t staged at all. Regardless, even if it was staged, I want Shaq to be my father. He teaches her not to take anything else from strangers, he is proud of her while being the coolest person in the world. I would say Shaq is the friendliest guy in the whole world. He’s just a huge bastard and I know he was an amazing basketball player, but I can’t help but think every time I see him, I think of his car insurance and general commercials. They would put him in the smallest car ever, but you can tell he really cares about people and is going to change this girl’s life forever. Not because of the money, just that one of his idols or brothers took the time out of his day said he remembered their meeting and it just gives him confidence for the rest of his life. Sorry I got a little sentimental, but Shaq is the absolute man and can’t do no wrong.