Play’s Week 11 Giants Prop Bet Showdown and Win Prizes!

Have you noticed that when Giants coach Brian Daboll doesn’t scold players, he usually wears a smirk on the sideline? No matter the score or the situation.

It’s the confident look of a guy who knows more than he’s letting on, and it’s become something of a security blanket for anxious Giants fans as they watch nearly every game end in a decisive game in the last minutes.

Well, the guy obviously knows something, because he has the Giants 7-2 and has positioned himself for the franchise’s first playoff spot since Bill Parcells was a paperboy in Oradell.

(OK, that’s not true, but you get the idea: it’s been a while.)

According to the New York Times super-duper playoff computer, the Giants have an 84% chance of making the playoffs and a 16% chance of winning the NFC East.

No wonder Daboll smirks.

But you can also sport that smirk!

Just enter Giants Props Betting Eventpick the most correct answers to our Week 11 prop bets for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions and we’ll put a $50 gift card in your pocket.

You can tell your friends you’ve won, or keep quiet and wear this glorious Daboll Smirk for a week.

Here’s how the contest works: Each week, there will be 10 questions about accessories around the game of Giants. The participant who correctly answers the most questions each week will win a $50 gift card.

For example, here’s a sample of this week’s contest:

— Will the Giants cover the 4.5 point gap?

— Will the total points scored be more than 45.5 or less?

— Will the Giants have 7 players or less to catch a pass?

— Will Kenny Golladay pull his other hamstring when getting up from a couch or recliner?

(We did the latter too!)

You can enter the contest at any time, but you want to play as many weeks as possible because there is also a prize of $250 for the participant who answers the most questions cumulatively for the season!

Either way, make your best guesses – it’s FREE to enter.

Make sure you Bookmark this pageset reminders and come back weekly to show you’re Big Blue through and through and know the Giants better than anyone.

Deadline each week is kick off time and full contest rules can be found here. (Note that you will need to be logged into your account.)

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