NFL We Bet Player Accessories: Week 10

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Betting on an extremely liquid market such as NFL odds and totals is a very difficult undertaking. Lines move very quickly towards efficiency and cannot be beaten at -110 by the overwhelming majority of bettors.

However, player accessories are extremely beatable. As hardcore fantasy gamers, we actually put After more time and thought on the perspectives of players than bettors. And since the limits of these gamer accessories are generally low, many books don’t mind leaving a few smooth lines. It’s basically advertising to lure people into their book. Do not use player accessories as a guide for your DFS selections or throughout the season. Instead, we should look for soft gambler props for betting.

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History of gamer accessories released by Levitan
Record in the 2019 NFL season: 50-36, +$963
Record in the 2020 NFL season: 55-34, +$1,907
NBA 2020-21 season record: 111-82, +$1,817
Record in the 2021 NFL season: 216-118: + $8,572
2021-22 NBA season record: 751-495, +$20,348
Record in the 2022 NFL season: 147-110, +$2,308 (until week 8)
2022 NBA season record: 82-58, +$2,033 (until November 2)
* Dollar amount won/lost is based on bets to win $100 on each favorite accessory. And risk $100 on every underdog prop.

ETR NFL Player Accessories

Our team includes renowned fantastic analysts Evan Silva and Adam Levitanhigh stakes professional DFS playersand specialists that cover niches that we believe are important to understand.

This team has an unparalleled ability to project NFL player performance, allowing us to offer high-quality player accessory recommendations to serious bettors.

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