MLB Over/Under Bet of the Day: April 24, Mets vs Diamondbacks

Well, despite the presence of two booming starting pitchers and at least one formation of mostly dead bats, the linemakers decided on a relatively inflated total of 8.5 for this final of the series.

OK, we’ll gladly accept that as the low scores keep pouring in. With Tylor Megill and Madison Bumgarner making the pitch, there’s plenty of reason to believe this may be one of those releases that have been commonplace thus far.

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Bumgarner has seemed well past his prime for much of the last year, but he’s also had a long stretch where he looked like the Mad Bum of old. This is exactly how he looked to start his 2022 and I can’t see the relentless southpaw letting go.

In turn, that would indicate another solid performance for the 32-year-old. In three starts, Bumgarner has been stellar, producing just two combined earned runs in 13 innings, including just one tater.

Hard contact by opponents has been limited, as Bumgarner generates line drives as little as 16.7% of the time on live balls, according to Fangraphs. This is very notable as it would represent the lowest mark of his career in a full season if it ended there. Obviously, three starts is a small sample but still very telling if Bumgarner is around that percentage.

Either way, the former World Series MVP will face a club he’s enjoyed great success against over the years, the Mets. In 11 career matchups (including the 2016 National League Wild Card Game), Bumgarner is 7-0 with a 2.19 ERA and 1.00 WHIP while racking up 8.88 K/9 .

Yeah, we can feel good about the potential future Hall of Famer for at least producing something useful for such a high total, especially while it’s rolling right now

Speaking of pitchers on a roll, this is definitely a conversation that needs to include Megill as well. The way he has emerged in the absence of ace Jacob deGrom is quite commendable, and from his demeanor and composure throughout his debut campaign a year ago, that success is certainly not no coincidence.

Megill has pitched the Mets in sixth or lower in his three starts and has done so very convincingly based on that 2.20 ERA and 0.92 WHIP he currently carries. The strikeouts are still there like they were last season, and Megill chained batters to a .220 average, 14th best among NL qualified starters.

Look at the mission he has today. Arizona was probably the worst offense early on, and to make things more salivating, it’s a Sunday game, which means the D-backs can rest a regular or two in the batting order. Hopefully hello to the ineffective bats of Geraldo Perdomo and Jose Herrera. It’s like two launcher places!

Based on his personality, Megill should be excited for a round against a legend like Bumgarner. Since either runner is unlikely to fight, under bets are gambling.

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