LOOT.BET receives a technical boost with GLI-19 certification

After an already busy period for the platform, LOOT.BET announced another milestone, having secure GLI-19 certification. In recent months, the LOOT.BET platform has grown rapidly, since the acquisition of LOOT.BET’s parent company by React Gaming, then known as Intema Solutions. With GLI-19 certification, LOOT.BET is officially recognized as complying with the strict requirements of the “Applicable Technical Standards” demanded by the betting industry.

This is a historic moment for LOOT.BET, giving the already popular platform a boost in terms of legitimacy and what it can offer other organizations. This certification is issued by International Gaming Labsthe leading provider of independent certification, assessment and testing services for the gaming industry. In a nutshell, it’s a rating that backs up Technical capacity of LOOT.BET as an operator in space.

Succeed the deal

Image credit: LOOT.BET

As part of the agreement with HHRP inc.which opened the doors for LOOT.BET to operate in the Philippines, the GLI-19 certification should be secured. It was a stipulation of the agreement which was finalized in May 2022, and in a relatively short period of time, the owners of LOOT.BET, react to the game, certainly checked that box. In a statement, Leigh Hughes, CEO of React Gaming, spoke positively about the certification:

This is great news for React Gaming, as the GLI-19 certification opens many doors in the B2B market and will allow us to offer our LOOT.BET solution as a white label in a large number of countries with significantly fewer regulatory constraints. The certification essentially confirms to countries that require GLI-19 that the LOOT.BET platform operates according to established technical standards.

This was a key part of the deal with HHRP Inc., as it essentially unlocks the Philippine company’s ability to operate the white-label solution in the country. This in itself is a big step forward for LOOT.BET, as HHRP Inc. is one of only four companies currently holds an online gambling license in the Philippines. With a current population floating around 109 million, this will undoubtedly open up a huge base of operations for both LOOT.BET and HHRP via the white label platform.

Expansion Path

It is quite recently that LOOT.BET acquired a gambling license in the Isle of Man, which was part of the original acquisition agreement in February 2022. This is an extremely prestigious and sought-after license, which works hand in hand with the certification GLI-19 to fully prove how legit a LOOT.BET platform is.

If that wasn’t enough, we are just weeks away from a partnership between LOOT.BET and Oddin.gg, an industry leading esports odds feed provider. It was once a fledgling platform, but today LOOT.BET is hugely popular, with over 500,000 active users and a wide range of competitive markets and advanced features.

For users who want to learn more about the platform, feel free to check out our full LOOT.BET review.