Latto brings Big Hoop Energy to the BET Awards

The target : Rapper Latto accepted the Best New Artist award at the 2022 BET Awards while wearing a truly remarkable pair of hoop earrings.

Jewelry : Latto paired her Mugler gown with an absolutely gargantuan pair of hoop earrings and a stack of show-stopping clear bangles.

The hoops are white and relatively thin, but their circumference is so enormous that they reach up to the waist of the signer. Latto had to loop his arms through the hoops and let them hang down beside his sides, instead leaving the earrings free to bounce off his elbows.

The bracelets appear to be Lucite or similar, but they’re so overshadowed by the earrings that I keep forgetting they’re even there.


I haven’t been able to track down any definitive credit for Latto’s BET Awards jewelry, but the rest of her outfit is Mugler, so the hoops and bracelets are most likely Mugler as well.

Tendencies: Hoop earrings have been on the rise in recent years, especially hoops that revisit the classic in a certain way (unexpected shapes, materials, textures, etc.). Reinventing the iconic hoop continues to be a popular look, especially for summer party jewelry.

The sheer magnitude of this exact pair may only be relevant to celebrities on red carpets, but don’t overlook the power of the overall hoop moment.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube/BETNetworks

What do we think? Latto’s hoops were SO BIG that one fell off when she took the stage to accept her Best New Artist award. Latto delivered his acceptance speech with a giant hoop hanging loosely over his shoulder like the strap of a handbag. It was pretty funny, I can’t lie, but she handled it with confidence.

One could conclude that the fact that even a celebrity can’t successfully wear these earrings for the duration of an awards show means that they really are too big to wear, but I still think that Latto’s giant hoops were a fantastic fashion moment.

They’re extreme, yes, but they’re perfect for a young rapper celebrating her meteoric rise at the BET Awards, especially since Latto’s hit was a song called “Big Energy.” (NSFW warning: the song is not about earrings.)

Judgement: 14/10! An appropriate theatrical choice for a theatrical moment.