Jam Master Jay Murder Charges Postponed Due to Witness Intimidation | News

The ongoing saga involving the two men involved in the 2002 murder of Jam Master Jay of Run DMC suffered a setback resulting in a delay in the track.

According to Vibethe prosecution recently noted that Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington attempted to intimidate witnesses. They will be unable to defend themselves as they were charged decades after the murder of Jam Master Jay.

“The government is aware of at least four separate witnesses whom the defendants worked to identify and silence through threats and coercion,” the prosecution told a federal judge.

The prosecution also countered Karl Jordan Jr.’s earlier motion, arguing that “dragging him to court” after so long would prevent him from defending himself, citing unavailable cellphone records and a lack of witnesses able to testify. back up his assertions. .

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“The government may rightly delay an indictment for legitimate considerations, including the need to gather and review evidence in a complex investigation,” prosecutors wrote. “That’s what happened here, and the interval between the offense and the indictment was necessary for the government to prove the alleged crimes beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Hip hop icon Jam Master Jay is born Jason Mizelwas shot and killed at his studio in Hollis, Queens on October 30, 2002. After years of unsolved cases, in 2020 federal prosecutors charged Jordan and Ronald Washington with the murder, in which they believe Jordan shot the gunshot. who ultimately killed Mizell at close range.

According to the prosecution, Jordan and Washington became enraged after Mizell pulled out of a drug deal that led to the couple murdering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Jam Master Jay’s murder trial is scheduled for February 2023.