Jack Harlow releases Brandy at the BET Awards to rap on “First Class”

Jack Harlow delivered a star-studded performance at the 2022 BET Awards, including a guest spot from Brandy on his single “First Class.”

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The Louisville rapper took to the stage at the June 26 ceremony, kicking off his performance of “Come Home The Kids Miss You” cut “Poison” with DJ Drama on the decks. Lil Wayne also made an appearance to deliver his verse before making way for Harlow’s second and final song of the set, “First Class.”

Continuing to perform most of the song solo with the help of energetic dancers, Harlow surprised the crowd when he brought in Brandy to deliver the playful freestyle diss she wrote and performed on “First Class ” last month.

Harlow and Brandy shared a hug at the end of the performance, which you can see below.

Brandy’s freestyle came after Harlow was unable to identify his 1998 song “Angel In Disguise” in a radio interview on Hot 97 in May, where he also revealed he didn’t know. not that Brandy and Ray J were siblings.

Brandy then tweeted that she “murk this guy in rap at 43 to her own beats then sing [his] ass to sleep” in response to a viral video of Harlow’s Hot 97 appearance. “Living legend, did I mention my resume is amazing / The game needs a breath of fresh air and I’m breathtaking,” she rapped about the freestyle, which was posted on Hot 97’s SoundCloud.

Brandy thanked Harlow for bringing her on stage after the show, which she called “a dream come true.” On Instagram, she shared a photo of her, Harlow and Lil Wayne, captioning, “Jack, thank you for this amazing opportunity. Love for life.”

Elsewhere at the BET Awards, Lizzo performed her latest single “About Damn Time” and Kanye West made a surprise appearance to present Diddy with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Janelle Monáe also addressed the recent reversal of Roe v Wade during the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist award, saying “Fuck you, Supreme Court.”

Harlow released “First Class” in April as the second single from her second studio album “Come Home The Kids Miss You,” following “Nail Tech” in February. The sequel to 2020’s “That’s What They All Say” will be released in May.

In a three star review, NME‘s Kyann-Sian Williams said that while the album shows Harlow’s penchant for “straight bars, a feat [he] proves he’s gifted,” “the record doesn’t contain a bunch of standout tracks, but rather filler between his knockout singles such as “First Class.” You’ll find a gem or two here and there, but the longevity of this collection is “questionable”.