Is Cooper Rush a better bet for Dallas than Dak Prescott?

The NFL, as is the case with any sport, is full of debates around the best teams and players. There is such a debate currently going on among Dallas Cowboys fans regarding the quarterback position. It’s the most important position on an NFL team and without a quality quarterback, teams tend to struggle. The question on most Dallas fans’ lips is about Cooper Rush and Dak Prescott. Which man should be the first-choice quarterback?

Cooper Rush

The 2022/23 season began with a disappointing loss for the Dallas Cowboys as they lost 19-3 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not only was it a loss, but Dallas set the unenviable record of being the only team not to score a touchdown on the season opening weekend. Also, Dallas lost quarterback Dak Prescott in the fourth quarter when he injured his right hand after hitting a player on a pass.

Cooper Rush stepped in as quarterback for the next two games, and Dallas has since recorded wins at home against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2 and on the road against the New York Giants in Week 2. third week. The mood changed in the Dallas camp after the opening weekend disaster. Cooper is the longtime backup quarterback, but Dallas has averaged 21.5 points per game in his two starts this season. Add in Cooper’s only start of last season, which ended in a win, and he’s the only starter since 1950 to win 3 games in a row, with at least 200 passing yards and a rating. pass greater than 90.

Dak Prescott

It’s fair to say that the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was far from ideal for Prescott or Dallas. However, we can’t take one game in isolation and Prescott put up strong stats last season to easily rank among the NFL’s top ten quarterbacks for 2021. Prescott had over 4,700 passing yards, 38 passing touchdown and 173 rushing yards. Prescott made an incredibly quick start to the 2021 season, but having suffered a calf injury in week six, his level of play has plummeted. A few disappointing games followed, but there were still highlights that led to strong stats at the end of the season.

What happens when Prescott is fit?

Prescott is regaining his fitness after surgery on his injured hand. There’s no doubt Rush’s performance has put some question marks in the minds of Dallas fans. However, those at the top indicated that Prescott would be back in the squad as soon as he was ready. cowboy head coach Mike McCarthy, when asked about Rush’s game, said: “The consistency, the mental part comes easy to him because he’s learned several systems, so he knows the language and knows his teammates very well”, before continuing: “It’s a Huge part of being a successful #2 quarterback because you don’t always get the reps in training camp and practice. He is very high on instincts and conscience; He anticipates things very well. He can throw it early, get the ball out. You can see him getting more and more confident as he gets opportunities. He plays to his strengths. »

The key section of this quote regarding the debate between Rush and Prescott is the fact that the head coach called Rush “No.” 2 quarterbacks. Considering Prescott’s overall performance last season, he deserves to return to the team and while Rush has done a great job to date in Prescott’s absence, his (Rush) starting stats are on a sample much smaller. You can bet Prescott will be back on the Dallas team as soon as he’s fit. If you like to bet on the NFL, these best football betting promo codessuch as GAMBLEUSA and GUSABFULL, will offer you a fantastic bonus when creating a new account on certain online sportsbooks.