How to Bet on Sports in Zambia – Tips to Know

In this article, experts will tell you how to bet and win correctly: you will learn how to analyze sporting events, find profitable odds and stay in the money.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Zambia

– 22bet.

– Betway

– Melbet

– 20bet

– Bet365

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Do not bet as soon as you open an account! First you have to get used to it: understand how an online bookmaker works and learn the terminology of sports betting.

The dumbest mistakes made by novice bettors are related to misunderstanding terms and notations. And not knowing how to read event line quotes is another shortcut to loss. We will explain how to bet on sports so that your bankroll does not melt after a few bad bets.

How to start betting

1. Choose a bookmaker. Each bookmaker has different terms and conditions.

2. Register in the chosen office.

3. Confirm your identity. In most offices, it is possible to check online and offline.

4. Deposit money into a game account. You can only make a deposit after confirming your identity.

5. Choose a sport, a tournament, a sporting event, a result.

6. Specify the bounds for the result. Bookmakers often set minimum and maximum limits.

7. Click on the result, open the bet slip and enter the bet amount. Restrictions: the sum must not exceed the limits and the balance of the game account.

8. Finish recording and wait for the match result.

9. In case of winning, it is possible to withdraw money from the game account or use it for other bets. Many betting offices set the limit – you can withdraw to the same payment system, from which the account was deposited earlier. For example, if you deposited the money with a bank card, it will also be used for the withdrawal. If you plan to use another payment system for withdrawal, you must deposit from it and make multiple bets.

Types of Sports Betting

Match result

This is the simplest, clearest and most popular bet, in which a player bets on the victory of one of the participants (teams) or on a draw (if stipulated in the rules).

double luck

This type of bet is similar to the main outcome in many ways, but it is less risky. A player can bet on double results: 1X (first team win or draw, X2 (second team win or draw), 12 (first or second team win).

Upper/lower total

The total is the total of goals, corners, yellow cards and other statistical indicators that have a quantitative form. The most common bets are the total goals scored by one of the teams, or by both teams, at the end of a half or an entire match.


A handicap is an artificial handicap that the bookmaker gives or takes away from the teams. For example, betting on a clear favorite to win the match would not be profitable due to low odds. However, betting on a negative handicap of the same favorite is possible at more attractive odds. A handicap (-2.5) means that 2.5 goals are taken away from the favorite before the start of the event. And the odds are winning if the favorite wins by 3 or more goals.

Exact score

A market that is very difficult to predict always comes with high odds. Even very good analyzes will not help, because all sports events are too unpredictable.

time match

Betting on sports for beginners in these markets means predicting the outcome of the first half and the match as a whole.

Asian disability

Not all bookmakers have this type of market in their range. Unlike regular odds, the odds for Asian handicaps have quarters after the whole numbers (1.25; 1.75; 2.25; 2.75, etc.).


In this type of bet, the bettor bets on two or more outcomes in a single package. The odds of the individual results are added together. The bets are attractive for novice bettors, but they cannot be called lucrative.
These are the basic sports betting types that every player should know. For more betting tips and reviews, visit Bookmaker Ratings Zambia!