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The Penn State Nittany Lions open the 2022 season against the Purdue Boilermakers Thursday night. Penn State fans who have never bet on college football with an online sportsbook before may feel overwhelmed by all the different options when it comes to selecting a sportsbook or deciding what type of bet to play. place on play. In this college football betting guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about betting at Penn State.

Where to bet on college football

There are a number of safe, legal, and easy-to-use sportsbooks available to residents of Pennsylvania. Some of the popular ones we recommend include DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook, and Caesars Sportsbook.

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How to bet on college football

There are several ways to bet on Penn State football. Here are the most popular types of bets to consider:


If you just want to bet on which team will win the game, Moneyline betting is what you are looking for. But since the two teams do not have the same chances of winning due to skill differences and a number of other factors, betting on the team expected to win (the favorite) will pay less than betting on the meant to lose (the underdog).

Looking at Penn State’s season opener against Purdue, the Nittany Lions are expected to win that game, so they’re listed as -175 (bet $175 to win $100) favorites while the Boilermakers are listed as +145 (bet $100 to win $145) underdogs. These ratios apply regardless of how much you bet, so if you bet $17.50 on Penn State, you’ll win $10 if they win.

Against the spread

Instead of paying a premium on the moneyline, you can choose to bet on either team at -110 (put $110 to win $100) with a point handicap, also known as a spread. Thursday’s game has the gap set at Penn State (-3.5) against Purdue (+3.5).

Since Penn State is at -3.5 points, that means 3.5 points will be subtracted from their final score at the end of the game, so they must win by four points or more for your bet to win. Purdue’s +3.5 means that 3.5 points will be added to their score, so a bet on the Boilermakers against the spread will be cashed out if Purdue wins or loses by three points or less.

Over/Under (or Total)

Sports betting also assigns a point total to each game, and bets on whether you think the actual game score will go under or over the displayed total are called over/under or over totals bets. The total for Penn State against Purdue in Week 1 is set at 53.5 points.

If the final game score is Penn State 28 – Purdue 17, that would be 28 + 17 = 45 points, which is below the displayed total. In this example, bettors betting Under would win and bettors betting Over would lose. A Nittany Lions 45-21 win would be 66 points overall and pay on the More.

Futures contracts

Futures bets are bets that occur on events that take place over a period longer than this week. For example, you can bet on Penn State to win the Big Ten conference or even the national championship game as a futures bet. For more on Penn State’s chances and future prospects for the 2022 season, check out our Penn State Nittany Lions 2022 Season Betting Preview.

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