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Buffalo Bills fans won’t see Josh Allen on the court today, but Colts fans will see new quarterback Matt Ryan play a few snaps, making this a potentially uneven contest. If you think the Colts can pull off a win because they get the upper hand early with their starters, then claim this FanDuel promo code and turn $5 into $150 even if they lose! If they win though, you’ll keep that $150 and any winnings beyond that!

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Bills v Colts Preview

As noted above, the Colts plan to play a few starters, while Bills head coach Sean McDermott chooses not to risk his stars in this one.

Will this decision give the Colts the upper hand? That should do it at least soon, and with that in mind, it looks like the Colts could be off to a winning start in the preseason.

With the news that the Colts will be playing a few starters, for at least a while in the 1st quarter, there’s really no surprise that they’re -2.5 favorites here.

Josh Allen will be eager to get back on the court, and Buffalo Bills fans will definitely want to see him soon. Both parties will just have to wait a little longer.

Do you know who doesn’t have to wait? You, the Indiana sports betting user! You can claim this FanDuel promo code now, and $150 will be added to your account regardless of the outcome, when you wager $5 on this Bills v Colts pre-season game!