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Romeo Miller is an actor, an entrepreneur and comes from a line of pioneers. As most of you know, his father, Master P changed the landscape of the music industry and taught the black community the importance of ownership.

BET recently spoke with Romeo about his role in the new Lifetime movie, Wrath: A Tale of Seven Deadly Sins from executive producer TD Jakes’ anthology series Seven capital sins. He plays a character alongside R&B singer, Michael Williams, like her childhood boyfriend. As well as acting, Romeo has a new role as the father of his baby girl ‘Baby R’ who was born in February. The actor explained what he loves most about being a father to a daughter.

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BET: You play Roger Thompkins in the new Wrath: A Tale of Seven Deadly Sins film, what about this character who marked you?

Romeo Miller: Honestly, it was more about Michelle’s character than mine. I play the typical knight in shining armor, but Michelle’s character handles the heavy stuff and I felt like the kids needed to see the ups and downs of someone navigating through what seems like a perfect relationship. I tell people all the time, yes God knows what you want, but so does the devil, so you have to be careful and know that sometimes the enemy can be disguised as anything you want. Overall, the entire cast of this movie was truly amazing and brought every character to life.

BET: You’ve played many characters in your career, so how do you prepare for roles like this?

Romeo: With any role, I just try to find the why. Why does this character see life the way he does, why does he make certain decisions, and why does he have this perspective on life. I do this without passing judgment on each character. I think for Roger most of the preparation was on the physical side since he is a black belt. So a lot of hands-on training and diving into the world of martial arts was central to this role. But I trained in martial arts and boxing for over 12 years, so that helped speed up the process when preparing for this film.

BET: You have worked in the entertainment and music industry since childhood and currently own Without limits, So what have you learned about staying relevant in this industry for so many years?

Romeo: The funny thing is I never try to stay relevant, my success has been doing what you love and being grateful when you receive those blessings. It may sound cliché, but God has a funny way of rewarding us when we just do the right thing and obey. I was blessed with over 20 years of success and experience in a business that is hard to navigate for just one year I just know that deep down God knew I would do my part and that I would never enjoy the blessings. But just like me, we all have a part to play in this thing called life, you just have to find your purpose.

BET: You are a new dad, congratulations! What have you learned about fatherhood so far? What do you like the most about being a father of a daughter?

Romeo: Thanks thanks! Fatherhood is amazing, it’s the one thing I knew I wanted since I was a kid. Having a good example helps and I guess you prepare for it. I thought I was focused at first, but since having my daughter she has made me even more focused and driven. It really is a beautiful feeling to know that you have this little human who loves you unconditionally. I just want to give him the world, to make the first 20 successful years of my career look like child’s play compared to what’s to come. I’m on a mission.

BET: Your dad dropped so many gems on entrepreneurship. We all love and appreciate him so much. What is the advice your father taught you that you carry with you throughout life?

Romeo: I’m glad my dad finally gets his roses, but I’ll always feel like it’s not enough compared to how much he’s changed the game and how many lives and careers he’s helped. I don’t think this generation really understands that hip-hop would be totally different right now commercially if there had never been a Master P. How many artists can you say that about? Like Nipsey said, there should be statues of him. Most of my gems and my dad’s advice actually comes from observing and watching. I’ve always been a student of life and unlike most kids with super-successful parents, I actually absorbed the game for myself like I had nothing. I learned early on that even the most successful man in the room is only human, and who would be there for him/her. So I studied, studied and learned as much as possible at a young age so that I could be a valuable asset. That being said, my favorite piece of advice from my pops is, if they could do it, then why can’t we? It’s so simple yet profound. It takes real self-confidence to move towards what most are afraid of.

BET: What advice do you have for the next generation of young people who might want to break into the entertainment industry and don’t have the resources?

Romeo: My advice would be not to blame your situation or your surroundings, we all get certain cards, and whether we like it or not, we all have pros and cons. I think people forget that a large percentage of our most influential millionaires are first-time millionaires in their family tree. So don’t be a prisoner of your surroundings, because anything is possible if you take responsibility and start taking small steps towards your dreams and goals. My family and my father are an example of this. My pop is a first generation millionaire and I’m only a second generation millionaire, you guys are closer than you think.

BET: You’ve done so much at such a young age, how do you stay motivated to keep crushing your goals?

Romeo: My brothers and sisters are a great motivation, especially Hercy and Pity! They are the youngest but the most intrepid. Watching them pursue their dreams inspires me even more. I mean being star athletes in a family like this isn’t easy, it’s more hate than love but we push each other; iron sharpens iron. I also saw death at an early age and escaped it many times. I think seeing your first cousins ​​die in front of you at age 8 really shapes you to realize that life is not promised. So a big part of my motivation is just knowing that it’s a gift that I can just be here. Also the idea of ​​thinking about the generational wealth that my pops and I are building for the next generations to come. To know that one day our family will be even more successful and reap the benefits of what we have planted, and to inspire other families to do the same. This is how we build our communities and how we truly make a difference. We can’t take that with us, but we have to put the money in the right hands so that it goes back to the right communities, our communities. The more you earn, the more you give, that’s the motto.

This article has been edited and condensed for clarity.