Cops take down online betting sites

Police have arrested 18 people who allegedly operated two online gambling sites at a resort in Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Police from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) searched the Lak Pine resort in Tambon Khanong Phra around 6.30pm on Thursday, after investigators confirmed that the resort’s rooms were being used as offices for two gambling sites .

The complex is located in a quiet, wooded area and has 10 rooms. Police found 18 people there working on computers, receiving online bets from customers.

The arrest team seized 10 desktop computers, five laptops, 30 mobile phones and 12 bank account passbooks, said Pol Col Wiwat Jitsophakul, CSD Sub-division 3 superintendent.

Pol Col Wiwat said the raid followed an investigation into complaints that YouTuber ‘Jah Rok’ was encouraging people to place bets online.

The resort’s 10 rooms were used by two gambling sites — and

Those arrested worked as administrators for gambling sites, which brought in at least 20 million baht from bets per month and had about 900 million baht in circulation, Pol Col Wiwat said.

The websites had been operating for four years in Cambodia until they were moved to Thailand last year.