City Girls’ JT goes viral on BET Awards wig – then she dragged Rah Ali to Twitter

JT and Rah Ali – Getty

*#TheCityGirls lit the stage last night with their “#Twerkulator” performance for #BETAwards 2021, so we’d never think the #JT rapper, half the band, would be on #Twitter arguing with people.

Well, we were wrong. Not only did JT applaud the people dragging her over her red carpet wig, but she specifically dragged reality TV star #RahAli, and we’ll explain why. In bio to have the complete story. ??
Sadly, JT started going online ahead of the BET Awards show’s official debut after appearing on the red carpet wearing a controversial wig. People online have joked about her crisp, tinted hairline and judged JT’s overall appearance as a whole. ⠀

JT-city-girls (Getty)
City Girls’ JT prtforms at the 2021 BET Awards

Between her stint on the red carpet and her show on Twerkulator, JT took to Twitter to address enemies. ⠀
Fans haven’t given up on the star and her wig. Criticism actually escalated with JT directing the negative comments directly, with several media sites sharing his tweet applauding the enemies. It was then that Still_Onsite, the Instagram media platform owned by Rah Ali, re-shared a post from #NealFarinah, known for styling the hair of stars like #Beyonce. ⠀
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