Bettor places wild bet on Buccaneers to have NFL’s worst record this season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are expected to be one of the best teams in the entire NFL in 2022. With star quarterback Tom Brady back in the fold and additional talent on the roster, the only thing standing in the way of the Buccaneers is a terrific schedule that features a plethora of teams that made the playoffs last year.

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Either way, it would be a surprise if Tampa Bay didn’t make the playoffs this year or even if the franchise finished with a record below .500. However, what if the Buccaneers somehow compiled the league’s worst record this season?

Well, a bettor would make a nice amount of change. A Louisiana best recently bet $250 on the Buccaneers to have the NFL’s worst record of 2022. Those odds stood at 450 to 1, meaning if the bet succeeds, it’s a payout of 112, $5,000.

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It seems there is no love lost between Tampa Bay and what we assume is a New Orleans Saints fan. The Saints have won seven straight regular season games against the Buccaneers, including four wins since Tom Brady arrived in Florida. However, the Bucs beat New Orleans 30-20 in their 2022 Super Bowl run.

Tampa Bay and New Orleans will once again compete at the top of the NFC South this year. The Buccaneers hit the road to take on the Saints in Week 2 before facing them at home on Monday Night Football in Week 13.

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