Bet on Elon Musk’s chances of buying Twitter and if he reinstates Trump’s account

Billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk is positioning himself to buy Twitter, the social media platform that has been celebrated and praised by different halves of the political spectrum in the United States over the past 16 months.

Online sportsbooks are getting in on the action and posted odds to bet on Elon Musk on whether his Twitter acquisition will be a success or not.

The next bet on entertainment props offers Elon Musk odds on whether or not he will be able to convert Twitter into a private entity and remove all current bans on free speech.

Can Elon Musk make Twitter private?

Elon Musk’s bet line above implies that he will have great difficulty obtaining private status from Twitter, but it is almost certain that he will indeed buy the company.

There has been speculation that if Musk’s Twitter buyout fails and he is able to remove any restrictions on free speech, it would lead to the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s account.

Entertainment betting sites also took advantage of Trump’s return to Twitter with the following proposition.

Donald Trump reinstated on Twitter by December 31, 2022?

While these Trump odds are against reactivating his Twitter account before the end of 2022, they are fairly close to even and put the outcome within reasonable feasibility.

The +200 moneyline odds for a “yes” result translates to roughly a 1 in 3 chance that Trump’s Twitter account will start streaming again before the end of 2022 and will earn players $2 for every $1 wagered.

These are just the ratings for this year. Even if Trump’s prop bets fail, there will be another taking its place in 2023 with a new set of odds, including thinner and more likely margins for his return to the social media platform. .

Political betting sites rank Donald Trump as the most likely candidate to win in 2024, but also rank Elon Musk as an unlikely underdog.

2024 presidential election odds

  • Donald Trump father +250
  • Joe Biden+420
  • Ron DeSantis +550
  • Kamala Harris +900
  • Pete Buttigieg +1800
  • Nikki Haley +1800
  • Mike Pence +2000
  • Elizabeth Warren +3000
  • Elon Musk +25000

Musk has shown no indication of a presidential run in 2024 or anytime after, but perhaps his ego will drive him to pursue the White House at some point.

For now, his potential purchase of more than $43 billion on Twitter takes center stage. Although this deal may seem imminent according to some online sportsbooks, some critics say it is another ploy to maintain or increase its global status, suggesting that the offer is not genuine.

Other reports indicate that Musk is very seriously considering buying Twitter and has rallied investors for a takeover that could happen within days.

Is all this Elon Musk Twitter activity just a bunch of hot air that will evaporate in a few weeks? Online bettors with a sense of the truth should act now before bettors find out about Elon Musk’s intentions from the press or from his own mouth.

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