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2022 was the year of the race. The league-wide average for yards per completion this season is 11.0, the lowest since 1933. The league-wide average for yards per carry is 4.5, the most highest in NFL history. Meanwhile, the league-wide points-per-game average is the lowest in more than a decade. Weird. The reason for this is probably a mix of several things, but mostly defenders are getting more athletic. It’s no longer good enough to be a hard-nosed murderer like Brian Urlacher or Michael Strahan. If a defense wants to succeed in this modern league, it has to have a Micah Parsons or a Roquan Smith. That’s why offenses go on the run – just look at Justin Fields’ progress since the Bears started keeping the ball in his hand. Teams like the Rams and Chargers, who put all their energy into their passing game, are leveling off in a changing NFL.

No one is better equipped for this league-wide adjustment than the Baltimore Ravens, whose 162.8 rushing yards per game (average) is good for second place in the league. And considering they’re on a four-game winning streak, we see the Ravens thriving in real time. The most impressive part of the Ravens’ season this year has been the steady improvements. We all knew at the start of the season that Baltimore could crush opposing defenses like Caitlyn Jenner driving a BMW after a bit too much, but they got better at passing the ball. Lamar Jackson has improved so much as a pocket passer thanks to his work ethic and offensive line…and probably also his hunger for a big contract. The Ravens give Lamar the fifth-longest time to kick the ball in the NFL, so it’s no coincidence that his quarterback rating is up nearly five points from last year. The addition of Roquan Smith on defense has boosted the guys’ confidence on the line and in the secondary. It’s contagious. Calais Campbell and Patrick Queen’s improvement has been noticeable, and with his half, one sack against the Panthers, Justin Houston has the league’s fifth-most sacks at 33. Remember when the Ravens improved remarkably with the addition of Marcus Peters in 2019? This could be another one of those expiring deals.

Let’s talk about the Jaguars, which are surprisingly much better looking than before. The difference between this Jacksonville team, as opposed to previous rosters, is that they can move the football down. The Jags’ 362.2 yards (average) per game is good for 8th in the NFL, and while he’s not yet the only begotten Son of God with a spiral, Trevor Lawrence is consistently playing well. Over the past two games, Lawrence has amassed 494 passing yards with three touchdowns and no picks. Travis Etienne also showed flashes of being Jacksonville’s star for the future. Etienne is in the top ten in the NFL for yards and average yards per carry with 5.5. If the Jaguars weren’t a terribly unruly team with both penalties and turnovers in the red zone, they might even have had a chance with Baltimore. Unfortunately, for all the drunken, sunburnt dudes in Duval County, that’s not the case. Vegas likes the Ravens -4, but considering they’re hotter than my friend’s sister on social media, the Ravens will win more than that. Crows moneyline? Next question. Grab the Ravens Moneyline and get your free $200 from DraftKings!