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How to bet on Bellator odds

Placing a bet on Bellator fights is like when betting on the UFC in that each fighter will be given money line odds which give players insight into the likelihood of each winning the fight, and divulging also the amount of money that can be won. Here is an example of a Bellator betting line:

H3 Ryan Bader vs. Cheick Kongo

Using the Bellator odds above, players can deduce that Bader is the favorite to win because his Moneyline odds are the lowest. Typically, the fighter with negative ratings is the favorite, but sometimes both fighters will be listed in the negative.

A $2.50 Bellator bet must be risked to win a dollar on a Bader win, but Kongo will pay more than the players bet because he is the underdog. A $1 MMA bet on Kongo will return $1.85 if he beats Bader.

All Bellator betting odds for individual fights will appear as above, but MMA prop bets will also be produced for each fight. These Bellator props cover round bets on when and how a fight will end, the first fighter to bleed or draw blood, and more.

The only difference is that more than two bet options will be included in the line for a Bellator prop bet. For more detailed information, see our comprehensive guide on how to read betting odds.