AGA predicts that more than 45 million Americans will bet…

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Gaming Association (AGA), more than 17% of American adults want to play March Madness games in 2022. The NCAA men’s Division I basketball tournament is usually a big draw with bookmakers, and this year there is more potential for betting in the United States than ever before.

Most players will place most bets during March Madness through mobile apps and websites rather than traditional brackets. The AGA predicts that 76% of bets will be placed online or in person at sports betting sites, up from 55% last year. According to David Foreman, Senior Director of Research at AGA, the amount players think they will wager via brackets is down almost 70% this year compared to 2021.

On February 26-27, Morning Consult conducted the AGM’s March Madness poll. A total of 2,210 adults participated. Players will bet $3.1 billion in the NCAA tournament this year, according to the results.

Forty-five million people in the United States want to bet on March Madness. The AGA predicts that more than 20 million people will bet on outdoor competitions in a bookmaker, online, through a bookmaker or with friends.

“There is no doubt that this year will create the biggest legal handle in the history of March Madness,” noted AGA President and CEO Bill Miller, adding that Americans want to play in a legal market. and regulated.

The NCAA bracket, a long-standing basketball tournament betting device, has waned in popularity. In 2019, punters reported completing four brackets per individual; that number fell to two this year.

At the same time, internet gambling is growing in popularity: 5.8 million people said they would bet on the event via a mobile app or website in 2019, while 9.3 million people said that they would bet online during March Madness.

Due to the continued legalization of sports betting, American sports fans will have more options for placing bets on events this year. Since last year’s event, an additional 29 million people have gained legal access to gambling.

In the United States, 30 states plus Washington, DC have licensed and regulated sports betting. Three other marketplaces are expected to open soon. Eleven other states have existing legislation on the table or pre-filed laws awaiting review.

Mobile betting will be an important part of case management at Westgate. Mobile currently accounts for nearly 70% of the company’s revenue, which is good because mobile apps can serve more consumers than sellers. The AGA did the same study last year via Morning Consult, with an estimate of 47 million Americans betting on March Madness.

Last year’s survey indicated that physical betting on sports betting is likely to increase. Sports fans expected to turn up in greater numbers as the NCAA canceled the 2020 event due to COVID-19.

The commission and its partners are promoting the Have A Game Plan program as the popularity of sports betting increases this month due to March Madness. Have a Game Plan is a site dedicated to providing sports enthusiasts with responsible betting information.

Additionally, the commission urged bettors to set a budget and stick to it while keeping all betting social and entertaining as a form of entertainment. Make sure you know the odds and only place bets with reputable bookmakers.