3 Best NFL Teams To Bet On This Season (Week 10)

We’re back with the best teams to bet the OVER on as we officially kick off the second half of the NFL season. There have been a few shufflings in the roster as teams have failed to score points over the past few weeks.

However, there is one team missing from this list. The Cleveland Browns are still the best team in percentage against most, but they were goodbye last week, so they’ll be eligible for the roster next week.

That said, here are the best teams to bet on in the first nine weeks.

Detroit Lions (5-3)

The Lions defense showed up for the first time this season, limiting the Packers to just 9 points on Sunday. As for the plus, it might be something to watch out for.

The Lions offense hasn’t shown up in three of the last four games – which is also the Lions record. If the defense starts to play well and the offense falls, this could be the last shootout Lions we know of.

Philadelphia Eagles (5-3)

The Eagles started playing offense outside of the second quarter, which helped their excessive bets immensely. Philly has gone over in three straight games, despite holding their opponents to 15.3 points in that span.

Philadelphia is second in points per game and fourth in opposing points per game. Normally that’s not the recipe you’d want, but the Eagles make it work. Still, until the Eagles’ totals start to edge closer to 50, they’re a solid bet.

Chicago Bears (5-4)

The Bears have become a problem offensively, averaging over 30 points per game in their last three games. Chicago has achieved the MOST in each of those games. Justin Fields to play at a high level, and that raised the offense floor.

It also doesn’t hurt that the defense has given up 45 and 35 points respectively in consecutive games. Chicago’s formula for staying in games is to try and outplay their opponents, and that’s perfect for OVER.

You can find Donnavan Smoot’s full betting record here.

Game odds are updated periodically and are subject to change.